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If you impatiently imported the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII's soundtrack from Japan, you might want to start kicking yourself now, as preorders open for the four-disc set in Square Enix's North American online store.


I have to admit I was extremely close to paying an additional $15 for the 85-track Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack from my favorite import website. It was in the cart, I had entered my information, and then I hesitated. Now I'm glad I did, as Square Enix is importing the set to North America themselves, and charging only $29.99 for it to boot.

Truth be told, this listing might have been up on the website for a while, but Square Enix just sent out a mailer regarding it to the Square Enix Members mailing list, so I figured I'd bring it up.


When's the last time you spent $29.99 on four CDs of new music? Hell, when's the last time you bought a music CD?

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