Rock Band 2's Ion drum kit is scratching our Phil Collins cosplay itch like you wouldn't believe. But, uh, where can you buy it? The thing's not only expensive, it's huge, meaning you're unlikely to find it stacked end-over-end atop a shelf at the local Best Buy. Well, it was confirmed today at the GameStop Expo that the specialist retail giant will be stocking the drums, albeit with a catch: not every store will have them. Instead, certain stores will act as "hubs", where customers can order drums that are then delivered. If it's not too hard, it'll be delivered to the customer's local store. If that's too hard, they'll be delivered straight to your home. That's some blue-ribbon service from a place like GameStop, but then, it had want to be for a $300 peripheral. GameStop To Sell Ion Drums [IGN]