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Pre-San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Pony Dance Party Go!

You saw the 2013 Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con My Little Pony exclusive in broad daylight. With the lights off, DJ Pon-3 is much more dangerous. Break out the glow sticks and hoof it to Happy Elf's "Pixie Hat," in celebration of the impending convention madness.


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Don't you guys realize there isn't anything positive that stems from posting brony stuff to Kotaku anymore? All you guys post is either stuff with no context or relevance to anything that the readership cares about (which just makes it look like bronies are trying to stick their nose in everyone's shit), or you post negative stuff that just gets all the dumbass haters riling on the bronies and the obnoxiously defensive bronies taking it out on everyone else.

There's no mention of brony charities, no mention of the WELL-RUN cons that don't have shitty DJs and terrible tech like that last video you posted, and not a single damn word about the documentary that's supposed to explain everything about why the fandom even exists in the first place.

At least find a way to start reasonable, civilized discourse on the subject matter. But if you guys are gonna be out-of-context or sensationalist, just don't report it at all, because right now, most if not all of it is just wasting space that could be used for more relevant stuff.