Pre-registration is now open for the game Square Enix isn’t calling Final Fantasy Tactics Mobile but is pretty much that. They’re calling it War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for some reason, and it’s launching on iOS and Android in North America this spring. Thoughtful and strategic bathroom times lie ahead.


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Randy Randerson

Desperate FFT fans whisper their deepest desires to the monkey paw...

“Please...all we want is a new FFT, it’s universally beloved and a no brainer.”

A dark voice echoes through the ether: “Your wish...has been granted...”

The fans’ joy is cut short, as the monkey paw writhes and contorts.

One finger curls down: “It’s a mobile game...”
A second finger curls: “...with F2P mechanics...”
A third: “...set in the Brave Exvius universe...”
And a fourth: “...and you know you’ll still play it because your soul yearns for what you’ve lost, so the developers will see it as a success and never learn their lesson.”

The fans howl in agony, as they held in their hands a monkey paw with only the middle finger left raised.