Pre-Purchase Empire: Total War, Get Rome: Total War

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Not that many Steam customers will need convincing to pre-purchase Empire: Total War, but just in case you do, Valve and Sega have teamed up to offer you a little sweetener. You may be put off paying for a game in October that's not due until 2009. Who knows. Anyway, that sweetener is, you pre-purchase Empire: Total War, and you get Rome: Total War (Gold edition) for free. And so free that you can play it right away, you don't even need to wait for Empire to come out.


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m3rcer, ex-Cobra Viper whos seen the light.

Haha.. I'd say that isn't a bad deal being a year away from release, only because Rome: TW may take about as long to get through. Well, with so many other things to play along with it.