Flying Lab's MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea sails into the new year with the release of the highly anticipated build 1.11: The Clash Of Steel, which completely revamps avatar combat.

While ship-to-ship combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea has been well-received by players since launch, the avatar combat, which sees players taken on enemies with swords and guns, has been a bit of a mixed bag. Build 1.11, which went live yesterday morning, completely overhauls the system, adding new skills and skill categories plus new combat animations to keep things interesting.

To help ease the jarring transition, the PotBS folks have posted a rather lovely Swashbuckling guide that explains the nuances of the overhauled system. It seems like they've made it an entirely new experience, to the point where I'm considering popping back in just to see how things have turned out.

Build 1.11: The Clash of Steel Goes Live Tuesday Morning! [Pirates of the Burning Sea]