Potato Salad Kickstarter Finally Concludes at $55k

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The infamous Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a bowl of potato salad wrapped up this morning with $55,492 raised from 6,911 backers for that purpose. And with that money, campaign architect Zach Danger Brown plans to hold a music festival.


Brown said in a campaign update this week that "PotatoStock 2014" will be held at the Columbus Commons in Columbus, Ohio, which he says he's reserved from noon to 8pm on September 27. The show will be free, and concessions will be sold to benefit a charity fund. But more importantly, this festival is where those who earned the "get a bite of the potato salad" tier will get that backer reward.

But back to that charity, since the amount of cash being funneled into this campaign has, uh, been a pretty big point of controversy this month. Brown says he'll be using "a significant portion of the remaining money" (beyond what's required for backer rewards and the PotatoStock and the potato salad itself, of which there will be a lot) to create a new permanent anti-hunger fund with The Columbus Foundation, an entity set up to handle such funds. The fund is intended "to help Central Ohio's non-profits end hunger and homelessness."

But Brown is also taking some of the cash for a not-so-altruistic purpose. "We plan to use some of the profit from this campaign to start an LLC, pay web hosting and buy / rent production equipment to continue making content. Our LLC will be a for-profit venture and its goal will be to spread humor and joy around the world."

So there's that. Brown says he'll keep backers apprised of how much money is being used for each of these purposes. And you can read the breakdown of when and how all the backer rewards will be delivered in the most recent update.


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