Pot, Video Games, Child Care: Which One Is Not Like the Other?

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A Florida father is looking at a long and uncomfortable tour of the justice system after getting high, gaming all night, and then falling asleep on his 7-month-old daughter, suffocating her in the process.


Cops in Sunrise, Fla. say the the father, Emanuel Lawrence, 30, was responsible for looking after the girl while her mother was at work. Unfortunately, after finishing a marathon game session at 6 a.m. he lay her on the bed beside him, rolled over in his sleep, and bad things commenced thereafter. Authorities accuse Lawrence of taking the baby to her crib and claiming she died in her sleep there to cover up the crime.

The police report says he smoked weed the previous afternoon which, if that lasts long enough to make a man oblivious to smothering his own daughter more than 12 hours later, holy cow. But it's not like "No, really, I was just tired from playing video games," is going to make him more sympathetic.


He's looking at aggravated manslaughter charges. It's all very sad.

Sunrise Man Arrested in Daughter's Suffocation Death [Miami Herald via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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There are plenty of cases of mothers and fathers putting their young children in their bed to sleep, then accidentally suffocating them. It's a tragedy, and parents are warned not to do it. But it still happens, and charges aren't laid because it's an accident.

How is this any different?

I don't use marijuana, and I'm no fan of it, but it would seem that is the difference between this and other cases. And it's causing the guy to get punished.

He just accidentally killed his own daughter. He doesn't need to be prosecuted.

Although the fact he tried to cover it up is pretty bad