Postal Wins Award... Really

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Uwe Boll must be on cloud nine, maybe even ten or eleven.

Running with Scissors just announced that his Postal film won not one, but two awards at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Boll took home $500 cash money for the best director award, beating out the directors of films like Crazy, Strange Girls, The Sensei and Flyboys. Oh, snap! Boll beat out D. Lee Inosanto!!!

Postal also was named the best of the festival despite showings of The Noogies, In The Eyes of a Killer, Predator's Return and The Pack.

"When the fans speak, WE WIN," said Vince Desi, the movies executive producer and founder of Running With Scissors. "We know this from our experience in the game industry and now the film business just confirms it. The continued success of the POSTAL franchise in all its forms is proof that democracy works; you cannot stop what's in the hearts of the people. Freedom will always triumph over tyranny."


The New Jersey awards fly in the face of the movies mysterious box office opening when it hit 13 screens nationwide, and put a little salve on Boll's ego, bruised when hundreds walked from a free screening of the movie earlier this month... oh wait, that was at the same festival.

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@cloud08540: We bash Boll because he is to movies what Paris Hilton is to any living thing. They do nothing. They are a face and name. Zero percent talent is flowing from both of those faucets of human waste. The only good(?) thing they do is present media fodder. And that is NOT a talent or something to work towards. I believe a head of lettuce deserves more public notice than these two, and thats because its healthy.

Wow. Sorry for that little run. Its just the fact that my hatred of pointless people sometimes boils over. Thats all :)