Postal Blu-ray Coming In August

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Statistically speaking, the chance of you catching Uwe Boll's Postal in the theater is extremely low, and now that we are all feeling either saddened or mildly bemused at his plight with the film adaptation of Running With Scissors' over-the-top game franchise I'm sure we're itching to catch the film when it hits retail outlets. We'll have our chance on August 26th, the day newbie blu-ray publisher UMVD Visual Entertainment has slated for the high-definition release. High-Def Digest has an interesting description for the release in their announcement post.


Directed by much-derided shlockmeister Uwe Boll, 'Postal' stars Zack Ward as a misfit who sets out to rob his local amusement park while getting mixed-up with a faction of the Taliban. Barely released in U.S. cinemas last year, the film grossed less than $5 million at the box office domestically.


Interesting. I suppose saying less than $5 million does cover everything from $1 on up. Let's just hope more than four retailers pick up the disc when it comes out.

UMVD Jumps into Blu-ray with 'Postal' [High-Def Digest - Thanks beejaydel]

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DISCUSSION "From interviews and such, it sounds like he realy likes his new movie..."

While likely true, I don't know what kind of PR you'd have if the director came out and admitted he hated it. ;)

"...and I hate to see any art stiffled"

Boll wouldn't have trouble getting Postal into theaters if his track record wasn't so abysmal. When the economy is in the state it is, theater's can't afford to run movies they don't think will sell tickets.

Track record of previous installments, cast, and production staff is one of the biggest drives for getting films into theaters. Boll has none of that.