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Possibly Illegal Lengths To Get Xbox 360s In Japanese Homes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In Japan, generally speaking, you cannot rent video games, nor can you rent consoles. It's just not done.

Software and hardware companies successfully pushed for a ban on rentals, which is why used games in Japan are in such good shape. Players buy new games, complete them very quickly and then sell them second hand. Pristine condition means higher resale. (However, it is possible to rent CDs, so sort that one out!)


For a limited time, at least one retailer is offering players the chance to buy an Xbox 360 and then sell it back for only ¥2,000 (US$25) less than the console's original price. The catch is that players only have seven days after purchase to decide whether or not they'd like the hardware.

So essentially, this is renting an Xbox 360 for ¥2,000! But this retailer should be warned. Back in 2003, a Fukuoka-based game shop was caught "renting" video games due to its system of buying back week-old games for 80 percent of their sticker price, which would mean it was essentially renting. The shop was investigated by the police and even brought up on criminal charges by the district prosecutor. A similar fate could await this Xbox 360 seller.


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