(Possible) Wreck-It Ralph Sequel To (Maybe) Feature Mario

Fire up those warp pipes people, because the man behind Disney's hit Wreck-It Ralph has designs on bringing everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber to the potential sequel. Director and story writer Rich Moore has talked about a Wreck-It Ralph sequel since the film's release last month, where it broke box office records for Walt Disney Animation Studios.


There's yet to be any word from Disney, but owing to the film's success and obvious franchise capability, it's not surprising that Moore as well as stars John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are confident about returning to the world in an interview with MovieHole. Most interestingly, Moore alludes to his desire on integrating gaming's biggest star, the one and only Mario, into the potential follow-up. That would put him on the big screen for the first time since... well, you know. Apparently Nintendo was copacetic with him being in Wreck-It Ralph, but Moore couldn't find a place for him. Maybe a starring role is in order? "It's-a-me, home video sales!"

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