Portal 2's Comic Kicks Off Tomorrow, Fills The Sequel Gap

What happened in the years been Portal and Portal 2? Valve's new digital comic book, launching tomorrow April 8, will explain that while "expanding the Portal world and narrative."

So says Valve artist and Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming, telling IGN that "we'll see a bit more behind the curtain" at Aperture Science in the Portal 2 comic and meet a character familiar to Portal players.


"All we want to say is that it fills the gap between the first and second game, while introducing a much-rumored yet never seen character," Oeming says. "It's truly expanding the Portal world and narrative. I think we managed to touch on both the humor and subtle darkness of the game."

The character Oeming is likely referring to is the so-called "Rat Man," the mysterious entity that left messages to the player scrawled upon test chamber walls.

Part one the Portal 2 digital comic lands tomorrow, with the game coming to the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Mac on April 19.

Expanding the World of Portal 2 [IGN]

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