It's been over a decade since Duel Masters debuted. The manga spawned a trading card game, which is still widely enjoyed. If you've never played, you'll need to know something very important: bring sunglasses.

Here is what Duel Masters trading cards used to look like.

Over the years, the cards have become increasingly... busy. Which is fine!

[Pics: Duel Masters Wiki]

And now, as pointed out on 2ch, cards from its latest set, Dragon Solution Gaiginga, look like this:


The art is dramatic and all, but man, it sure is difficult to make out text! Maybe it's just the background of the original photos, but I keep having to hold my hand up to shield my eyes. I blame the increased use of turquoise. (Seriously! Stop with the turquoise.)


I haven't seen the full deck, so I can't say whether or not all of them are as eye-melting as these. But you got to give the Duel Masters folks credit: Dull, these cards certainly ain't!

デュエルマスターズの新カードwwwww [2ch]

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