PopStar Guitar - Oh Look, Another Guitar Game

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Electronic Arts. Activision. Konami. XS Games? The relatively tiny publisher is wading into deep waters this October when they ship PopStar Guitar, a guitar playing game for the Wii and PlayStation 2. The game features more than 50 pop songs from artists such as 3 Doors Down, Simple Plan, Blink 182, and many other bands you'd be likely to find on that damn Buzz Cuts CD they keep advertising on television. The game includes single player and co-op mode, allowing one or two players to visit 25 unique venues on their road to making their hands tired.


The difference with PopStar Guitar is the way you control it on the Wii. While the PS2 version is compatible with Rock Band or Guitar Hero controllers, the Wii version ships with something called the AirG, which attaches to your Wii remote to form "an electrifying air guitar." Sounds dangerous. Look, I'm all for competition in the marketplace, but you have to bring something more to the table than a one-shot accessory and more than 50 pop songs " including several masters performed by the original artists." Several?


PopStar Guitar For the Wii™ Includes the Unique AirG™ Peripheral,

Turning your Wii Remote into an Air Guitar

NEW YORK, NY - July 22, 2008 - Videogame publisher XS Games announced today its new music rhythm game, PopStar Guitar™, featuring songs from top pop music stars including 3 Doors Down, Simple Plan, Blink 182 and many more. PopStar Guitar allows players to unlock their inner pop celebrity and star as the lead guitarist in their very own band. Shipping in October 2008, PopStar Guitar will be available for the Wii™ and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The Wii™ version of PopStar Guitar will feature the AirG™, an exciting new peripheral that turns the Wii Remote™ into an air guitar.

"The popularity of music rhythm games is at an all time high, but to date the games have primarily featured hard core metal, classic and alternative rock music," said Steve Grossman, chief executive officer of XS Games. "With popular songs from today's top pop artists, PopStar Guitar is a game the whole family can enjoy. We've also created a dynamic new air guitar game play experience with our AirG peripheral for the Wii, allowing players to have a blast as they unleash their inner pop star."

PopStar Guitar features a single player Career Mode and two-player Co-operative Mode, along with single player and multi-player mini-games. The game takes the player on a musical journey that starts with forming a garage band to playing at 25 unique venues and eventually performing in the worldwide "Battle of the Bands" contest. Twelve playable characters are featured in the game and can be customized to give the band its own unique look. PopStar Guitar features over 50 pop songs, including several masters performed by the original artists.

Exclusively for the Wii™, PopStar Guitar will come with the AirG™, a peripheral that snaps onto the Wii Remote and turns the controller into an electrifying air guitar. For PlayStation®2 system players, PopStar Guitar will function with any PlayStation®2 system compatible guitar peripheral.

PopStar Guitar has not yet been rated by the ESRB.


The Cap'n

What a genius thing this is... Smart kids will realize that no parents will want to hear these songs ever played again and will give them any amount of money after the first six replays of 3 Doors Down's hit not to hear it again. (cuz these don't sound like parent friendly pop songs...) Then they will talk very loudly about how they want a copy of... oh, who knows? Whatever mummy and daddy wouldn't get them in the first place. Maybe even a 360. Mummy and Daddy will gladly pay through the nose to make sure this toy is forgotten (smart ones will do it quickly, so they can sell PSG before it's down to $1 at gamestop!)

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft or some other company came up with this and 'gave' it to XS as a poison pill. Brilliant way to kill the Wii and the PS2!