PopCap Planning Bloodless Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombies are THE pop-cultural touchstones of our times. There is probably a deep-seated psychological reason for this based upon post-millennial angst, Generation Z nihilism and half a dozen other things, but I for one can't be bothered looking into it. Let's just say that if an actual Zombie Apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, I doubt if there would be any more zombies around than are currently stinking up our screens. Evil puzzle scientists PopCap - makers of Bejewelled, Bejewelled-Twist and Bejewelled-Just-One-More-Go-HAHAHAHA-We-Own-Your-Soul-Now - have decided that what the Zombie world needs is a dose of good old fashioned family values. And probably puzzles. Quoth PR rep, Garth Chouteau:

It’ll be a few months, but our next new game will be worth the wait… “zombie apocalypse,” the PopCap way: no blood, no gore, but blood-curdlingly fun and addictive just the same.


PopCap’s next game to be a family friendly zombie apocalypse? [The BBPS]

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I just want someone to make a slow zombie shooter. Left4Dead looks awesome but too much running ghouls. Full on Old School "Dawn of the Dead" game where you die because you get careless and outnumbered, not because you never had a chance.