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Poll: Japan's Most Wanted Remake Will Surprise No One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If there's one thing a whole bunch of gamers in Japan can agree on, it's this: They really want a Final Fantasy VII remake. Some of the other choices in this PlayStation poll, though, might surprise you.

Over ten thousand male and female gamers in Japan, ranging in ages from their teens to their 60s, were polled about things such as what their favorite game to appear on PlayStation was. In case you were wondering, that top five looked like this:

5. Resident Evil

4. Final Fantasy X

3. Dragon Quest IV

2. Final Fantasy VII

1. Dragon Quest V

The poll also asked gamers in Japan what title they wanted to see remade with the latest gaming tech. The top result should surprise, well, absolutely no one. (Especially because I gave it away in the lede. Sorry!) Other entries might!


Here is the top twenty:

20. Gran Turismo

19. Final Fantasy VII International

18. Dragon Quest VII

17. Final Fantasy VIII

16. Winning Eleven 8: Liveware Evolution

15. Xenogears

14. Kingdom Hearts

13. Final Fantasy X

12. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

11. Final Fantasy IX

10. Arc the Lad

9. Dragon Quest IV

8. Kingdom Hearts II

7. Resident Evil 6

6. Dragon Quest V

5. Gran Turismo 6

4. Final Fantasy

3. Resident Evil

2. Dragon Quest VIII

1. Final Fantasy VII

Some of these choices are kind of odd! Like, Resident Evil 6? Do we honestly need a remake of that? And Gran Turismo 6? Really? Like now? And Monster Hunter Portable 3rd? Maybe we should thank games like The Last of Us Remastered for more recent choices like these?


You know, FFVII is a good choice for a remake. It's also a terrible one. A Final Fantasy VII remake would create tremendous expectations that the final product could never ever really live up to. Anyway, I've always thought that at Square Enix's Shinjuku headquarters, there were design plans for a Final Fantasy VII remake behind glass that says, "Break in case of emergency."


It's worth noting that when you break down these results by male and female gamers, you end up with Final Fantasy VII in the top spot for both groups. Number two for the men who were polled, however, was Dragon Quest VIII, while it was Final Fantasy for the women who were polled. Three was Gran Turismo 6 for men and Dragon Quest VIII for women. Four and five were Resident Evil and Final Fantasy for men, while four and five were Kingdom Hearts II and Resident Evil for women. Guess some of these folks who were polled will be thrilled to know that Resident Evil is already getting a HD remaster.


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