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Poll: 80 Percent of Teens Have Game Console

Illustration for article titled Poll: 80 Percent of Teens Have Game Console

A new poll by the Pew Research Center - you should know them, they're like the NPR of polls and stuff - finds that 80 percent of American kids between ages 12 and 17 have a game console, and more than half have a handheld.


The findings were reported Wednesday by the center's Internet & American Life Project. Although boys were more likely to own or have access to a console in their home (89 percent) girls also clocked in at 70 percent ownership.

DSes and PSPs garnered a majority of teen ownership but saw their greatest strength among younger demographics. Pew said 66 percent of kids 12 and 13 had a handheld, compared to 44 percent of those 14 to 17. Broken down by gender, handheld ownership was 56 percent boys, 47 percent girls.


The survey was based on telephone interviews with 800 teens from June to September 2009.

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56% and 47%? That's 103%. Unless I'm missing something, or that's out of context, this makes no sense.