Politician Talks Battlegrounds' Success With A Golden Pan

[Image: Gukje News]
[Image: Gukje News]

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, frying pans aren’t used for cooking but for melee and blocking bullets. Recently in South Korea, a politician brought a golden pan to an assembly to talk about the game’s success.


In August, golden frying pans were given as trophies at the Gamescom PUBG Invitational tournament.

As reported on Wiki Tree and Gukje News (via tipster Sang), Congressman Dong Sub Lee brought a gold pan to a government audit hearing for Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

[Image:  Wiki Tree]
[Image: Wiki Tree]

Battleground was made by a developer from our country,” Congressman Lee is quoted as saying (via Sang). “The game has sold 12 million copies and have gone over 1.99 million concurrent players in 6 months. This is unprecedented in Korean gaming history.”

The politician then requested that the ministry provide a solid foundation for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds so that the country will see more success stories like this.


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