Well, power is relative when it can be beaten by Gengar, but the new boss patched into arcade versions of the Pokémon fighting game is definitely a darker version of Mewtwo. (Update: the official name is Shadow Mewtwo.)

Appearing in video footage on Japan’s NicoNico service (via NeoGAF), the boss fans have dubbed Dark Mewtwo looks a bit like Mega Mewtwo X with extra bits.

Here’s a video of the new Mewtwo versus Gengar grabbed from NicoNico by YouTube’s TrackerTDGaming.

Over at NeoGAF there is some speculation that this new form of Mewtwo could be from the rumored combined version of Pokémon X & Y, Pokémon Z. Others suggest this Dark Mewtwo is a creation exclusive to Pokkén Tournament and won’t bleed over into the proper Pokémon titles.


More will become clear as we get closer to Pokkén Tournament’s early 2016 international Wii U release.

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