Pokéwalker More Accurate than Other Pedometers in University Study

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Evaluated against two other dedicated pedometers, the Pokéwalker - an add-on device for the HeartGold and SoulSilver Pokémon titles - is the most accurate device for counting steps, according to researchers at Iowa State University.


The results were presented recently at an experimental biology conference by Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, an Iowa State professor who has been studying the Pokéwalker's usefulness since its release. This study, which found the Pokéwalker most accurate counting steps taken on a treadmill at four different speeds, is a first step in ongoing research on the device, and how it encourages physical activity among kids.

"Pokémon is a big toy for kids," Lanningham-Foster said. "And that's why I was so interested in it is the idea that we have yet another active gaming format for kids."


If you're thinking this research is being funded by Nintendo, nope; it's funded by Iowa State's Nutrition and Wellness Research Center.

Pokéwalker beats other pedometers in Iowa State study [The Cedar Rapids Gazette, thanks Patrick H. Image via]

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No surprise.

If Nintendo made cars, they'd run on carbon dioxide and produce oxygen while curing cancer.