Pokémon's Official Magikarp Song Is A Tribute To Uselessness

In 2014 Slowpoke got a reggae song about how slow and tasty it is. Now The Pokémon Company has released “I Love Magikarp,” a song about how being almost completely useless doesn’t make you any less adored.


Or at least that’s what the translation over at Kantopia says. it says. A young boy sings of how Koiking (Magikarp’s Japanese name) just kinda sits there and flops about, over mountains and even in battle. How Magikarp is everywhere, even in puddles. How one day, a long time from now, Magikarp will evolve into Gyrados, so he’s leveling a team of six. And how Magikarp sometimes just gets carried off by birds, because Magikarp.

In the end it’s all about love, despite the floppy fish Pokémon’s obvious flaws. It’s the sort of love all of us should give and receive, especially if we eventually evolve into Gyrados.

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