Remember that mysterious Pokémon game from last year's Tokyo Game Show, the one that was for the DS but would include a proper keyboard? It's out in April in Japan. And still makes absolutely no sense.

It's called Pokémon Typing, and is intended to serve as a touch-typing aid for kids, get them clacking away on their keyboards without having to look up the screen all the time. To this end, the game will include a Bluetooth keyboard which can sync with a DS, allowing kids to prop their tiny-screened handhelds up and get really good at hurting their eyes straining at a small screen.

Why they didn't just release this for the Wii, for which there is already a keyboard peripheral and a screen large enough to accommodate this kind of business, is anyone's guess.


On the bright side, the keyboard lacks any kind of Pokémon branding and is a simple Bluetooth peripheral, so if you don't feel like using it on a DS you can use it on an iPad, PS3 or laptop instead.