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Pokémon Unite's Second Season Launches With Some Great Skins

Charizard and Venusaur mains have new outfits to pick up, plus some trainer goodies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A screenshot of Charizard and Venusaur in new holowear outfits for season two of Pokémon Unite.
Charizard looking like he might one-inch punch you on the field.
Screenshot: TiMi Studio Group / Kotaku

The second season of Pokémon Unite is now live on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Dubbed Sun, Sun, Sunshine, it introduces tons of new content to the popular MOBA, including another battle pass with 90 levels for you to grind through, as well as holowear for monsters and other rewards.

Perhaps the main attraction of this second season is the new outfits for Pokémon and trainers alike. There are three developer TiMi Studio Group highlighted on the game’s Twitter: one for Charizard, Crustle, and Venusaur, all mostly based around hanging out in the sun. With the exception of Charizard, who appears to be wearing a Gi traditionally worn in martial arts.

Pokémon Unite (YouTube)

Monsters aren’t the only ones who get new swag in season two. As you might expect with a new battle pass, you can customize your trainer with an assortment of cosmetics. This includes things like shorts and sandals to really get you prepared for the warm weather we’re not having, at least in the states.


Those playing Pokémon Unite since season one can also claim some cool rewards now that the game’s second season has kicked off. For example, master rank players get 20,000 tickets for making that far. Unfortunately, a new season does mean a new rank reset. So if you’re low in the master rank pool you can expect to be set back to about mid-veteran this time around.

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Season 2 of Pokémon Unite comes just as the game’s biggest and most exciting Halloween event wraps up. There were changes to Drednaw and Rotom, and we finally learned what the pumpkins do in the last update. According to a survey TiMi Studio Group put out in September, everything we’re seeing could just be a prelude to what’s in store for the MOBA.