Pokémon Sun and Moon's Alolan Dugtrio Has Fabulous Hair [UPDATE]

Now that the special demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon has dropped for some regions, players are making some incredible discoveries—including what may be the best Alolan form of any Pokémon we’ve seen so far.


Yes, that’s Dugtrio with blonde hair. I know, I know. It looks fake. My initial reaction was that it must be a Photoshop or something, but as you can see from this footage by @ruiisuD, it’s real. Other trusted sources are confirming its existence on social media as well.

Maybe it seems random, but think about it: Sun and Moon are tropical games. It makes sense that some monsters might take on more of a surfer-like appearance. Heck, Raichu straight-up air-surfs.

Between this and the ridiculous new Exeggutor, it’s clear that Game Freak is having fun designing the regional variants of Sun and Moon. I love it.

Update 10/18 2:16 AM: And here’s the new Dugtrio in action:


The demo goes live in North America at 10AM ET. For now, the internet is eating this new Dugtrio up:




Oh my god, are we going to see Fabio Machamp?

We have this before,

Now it become the standard?