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Pokémon Sun and Moon Players Busted After 'Glitch' Turns Out To Be A Broken Cheat

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Right now there’s a scare going on within the Pokémon community. “Don’t save inside Pokémon centers,” people are warning each other. “Your save file might get borked.” Well, about that...

Recently, there have been reports online of a serious Pokémon glitch that renders the game completely unplayable, as the avatar disappears and the second screen goes unresponsive: UPDATE 11/23 8:48 AM: The main video showcasing this infamous glitch is gone now.

Seems like a huge, potentially game-breaking problem, yeah? Accordingly, the story has gone on to be picked up by major video game news outlets, but here’s the thing. That glitch you’re seeing? It’s not just some random game bug that Game Freak apparently missed. It is a very specific glitch that occurs for people who utilize PKHeX, a popular save editing program used to cheat within the game to get better monsters. Which is why the creator of said cheat program is now calling everyone out:


“Saving changes in the latest [PKHex] .exe truncated player coordinates,” Kaphotics, proprietor of PKHex, explained on Twitter. In layman’s terms, Kaphotics confirmed to me that this Pokémon glitch is a known bug for his own program, which at one point messed with the player’s location—hence why the glitch appears to make the player vanish. Kaphotics notes that this hiccup was recently patched out from his program on the 18th. Meaning that unless you’ve messed around with your Sun and Moon save file, you probably have nothing to worry about. (We reached out to Nintendo just in case, though.)


For that reason, I wouldn’t feel too bad about any cheaters who got hit with this glitch. Fortunately, because they’re likely using a cheating program, they can use it to revert back to a playable state. Hooray.