Is Pokémon Sun and Moon the leakiest game of 2016? Not sure, but for the past few days, Sun and Moon leaks have reportedly shown new characters. Today we can confirm that those leaks were true.

Team Skull is Sun and Moon’s antagonist organization:

This is Plumeria.

Guzma is Team Skull’s leader.

New Pokémon include the solo form of Wishiwashi:

As well as Wishiwashi’s school form:

There’s also Morelull, a Grass/Fairy Pokémon:

Here’s Pyukumuku, a Water type that can attack with its innards.

Raichu is getting an Alola form for Sun and Moon as an Electric and Psychic type.

Marowak, likewise, is getting an Alola form, too, as a Fire and Ghost type.

Ditto for Meowth. Make that, Dark Meowth.

You can watch the full trailer below.

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