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Lechonk, The Cute New Hog Pokémon, Spotted In AEW Audience

MJF’s pipe bomb-style promo was hot, but viewers couldn’t help but notice a fan’s Lechonk sign

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A graphic depicts Lechonk, a new Pokémon, as an All Elite Wrestling wrestler.
Image: AEW / The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

During the most recent episode of All Elite Wrestling’s flagship program, AEW Dynamite, eagle-eyed viewers spotted someone in the crowd of thousands commemorating the day’s latest Pokémon news.

The Pokémon Company shared a bunch of new info about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet yesterday by way of a brief trailer. The open-world games, coming to Switch on November 18, have a lot going for them: two hot, new professors, a legendary Pokémon that looks like a dick, and of course Lechonk, the adorable piglet with the silly name that stole everyone’s hearts (and stomachs).


Lechonk is so “over” (as the cool kids say) with Pokémon fans that it even made a surprise appearance at AEW Dynamite last night. During a particularly intense, kayfabe-skirting monologue by AEW star Maxwell Jacob Friedman, a quick shot of the crowd at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California revealed an attendee holding up a large sign emblazoned with the crying hog Pokémon’s name and a unique piece of fan art. Pretty impressive!

A picture-in-picture photo highlights a Lechonk sign in the AEW crowd.
Screenshot: AEW / Kotaku

Wrestling fans often use signs to capitalize on their fleeting moments of television glory. But these handmade placards have slowly evolved from simple celebrations and condemnations of the wrestlers in the ring, to full-blown, real-life shitposts. Over the last several years, for instance, we’ve seen poster boards of various sizes and qualities demanding a Mother 3 localization, arguing over the best Final Fantasy, and even looking for fellow Skies of Arcadia lovers.

As cute as Lechonk obviously is, I’d say it also has the makings of a perfect heel, or a wrestling villain. Just read this description from the Pokémon website:

Timid and fainthearted, but also strong. If attacked by an opponent and startled, it will charge forward in a panic.​ It may appear fat at first glance, but in reality, the Pokémon’s body is mostly muscle built by constantly walking around in search of food.


I’m very much looking forward to the impending sign wars as wrestling fans debate which of the two upcoming Pokémon games is better, Scarlet or Violet.