In modern Pokémon games, there is only a 1 in 4,096 chance you’ll find a monster in a special coloring. People can spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes even years searching for shiny Pokémon to no avail, just resetting a game over and over again. Here’s what happens when you find a legendary shiny on your first try.

I’d suggest turning down your volume before pressing play.

You‚Äôre watching shiny hunter Dan ‚ÄúaDrive‚ÄĚ Clap, who you might remember as the shiny hunting YouTuber who kicked ass in a Pok√©mon tournament a couple of months back:


This time aDrive racked up another win by encountering a shiny Palkia immediately after setting out to do so, instead of having to reset over and over again to find it. Awesome. This is probably the closest 2017 will get to recreating the spirit of that infamous shiny Ponyta encounter from way back.

You can follow aDrive on YouTube here, or on Twitch here.