Pokémon Go's Halloween Event Makes Ghosts Appear More Often

If you play Pokémon Go from October 26th to November 1st, you might notice an increase in spooky apparitions. That’s totally intentional!


As the trailer for Pokémon Go’s seasonal event states, the mobile game will be celebrating Halloween. Trainers will enjoy an increase in candy rewards, which is very appropriate. Niantic says that having a Buddy ‘mon active will net you four times the usual rewards, catching monsters will give you six candies, and transfers will be worth two candies. It’s a bonanza.

Yesterday, a new update for Pokémon Go dropped, and it included a feature that color-codes eggs based on distance needed to hatch them:

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You can read the rest of the patch notes here.


“Oh I totally want more Zubats and Drowzees!”

...SAID NO ONE EVER. In fact, the abundance of those two everywhere is a big reason why I stopped playing this game.

I did say I would officially stop (like, never open the app again) as soon as I got a Gengar though. I think I’m close to that point, so this event could do it for me.