Pokémon Go Players Robbed, Two Men Shot

 Image: Lam Yik Fei / Stringer
Image: Lam Yik Fei / Stringer

A shootout took place in Las Vegas early yesterday morning when a man and a teenage accomplice tried to rob a group of people playing Pokémon Go.


AP reports that the pair, in a large SUV, drove to Gary Reese Freedom Park, which has become a popular Pokémon Go hotspot in the city.

They approached a group of six people playing the game, threatened them at gunpoint and “demanded their possessions”. One of the Pokémon Go players, however, had a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his gun and a shootout ensued.

Both the adult suspect (back) and one of the Pokémon Go players (stomach) were shot in the exchange, with both being hospitalised. Both injuries are described as being “non-life threatening”.

The driver and his accomplice are now facing police charges.

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Where does the law stand with these sorts of things in America? If someone threatens you at gunpoint, and you end up killing them with your own (legally licensed) firearm, would you be imprisoned or face charges?

Now, I’m against guns and gun ownership of all kinds, but IMO if someone has seriously threatened to take your life and has displayed they have the means to do it, you should be legally allowed to defend yourself to the extent that the aggressor no longer poses a threat. In the case of guns, that (again, IMO) would be when that person is dead.

But what are the rules? (I’m pretty sure in the UK under no circumstances is it ever legal for you to kill another person)