Image: Lam Yik Fei / Stringer

A shootout took place in Las Vegas early yesterday morning when a man and a teenage accomplice tried to rob a group of people playing Pokémon Go.

AP reports that the pair, in a large SUV, drove to Gary Reese Freedom Park, which has become a popular Pokémon Go hotspot in the city.


They approached a group of six people playing the game, threatened them at gunpoint and ‚Äúdemanded their possessions‚ÄĚ. One of the Pok√©mon Go players, however, had a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his gun and a shootout ensued.

Both the adult suspect (back) and one of the Pok√©mon Go players (stomach) were shot in the exchange, with both being hospitalised. Both injuries are described as being ‚Äúnon-life threatening‚ÄĚ.

The driver and his accomplice are now facing police charges.