Pokémon Go Players Find Another Dead Body

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Last week, a Pokémon Go player found a dead body in Wyoming. Today, the same thing has happened in New Hampshire.


7 News in Boston reports that the body was found floating in a brook at Rotary Park in Nashua earlier today. A Pokémon Go player had made the discovery while wandering the area catching pocket monsters, with the park apparently a popular site owing to its Pokestops.

Also: check out the last line of the 7 News report:

It is unclear what caused the man’s death, and whether he was also playing Pokemon GO.

In happier “Pokémon Go players stumble into real-world events” news, the same outlet report that two players from Lowell, MA were out looking for Pikachu near some local basketball courts when “they found an unresponsive man sitting near the benches” following a drug overdose. They called 911, paramedics got there, revived the guy and he survived.

Remember the days when everyone just stayed inside not playing Pokémon Go and these things just happened? Bodies could float in creeks for days, folks would die alone on park benches, what a different world it was.

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Fantastic, now I need to go dig up all of my victims and put them somewhere else. Thanks, Nintendo!