Pokémon Go Players Beat Magikarp Raid Using Only Magikarp

Illustration for article titled emPokémonem/em/em iGo /iPlayers Beat Magikarp Raid Using Only Magikarp

Behold, the most pathetic battle possible in Pokémon Go.

Magikarp, as many of you know, cannot actually attack in Pokémon Go: it only has Splash, which is useless, and Struggle, which is...slightly less useless, but still kinda futile. You wouldn’t want to bring a Magikarp into a raid battle, which are supposed to be Pokémon Go’s toughest challenges.


Hilariously, Pokémon Go has also made Magikarp into a low-tier raid boss. Normally, anyone taking on a Magikarp raid just beats a defenseless fish up. It’s borderline bullying, because Magikarp can’t really do much back. But here is what happens if you take a bunch of Magikarp to fight a giant Magikarp, courtesy of zecmo. Skip to around the 2:24 mark if you just want to see the battle:

At first, the players don’t even know if winning the battle is possible. “Are we going to time out?” one fan asks. “You can just keep struggling!” another responds. “Struggle for life! Nonstop struggle!” And so the fish all flail endlessly against one another, hopeful that something good comes out of it. You could consider the whole thing a metaphor for life or something.


It took nine Magikarp to take down the raid boss, with Zecmo in particular losing one floppy boy along the way. RIP, Magikarp. You died for science.

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