Ilustration: @auko__

Given that its first evolutionary form is literally just a bunch of eggs, Exeggutor has always been one of the sillier Pokémon designs in the compendium. But the introduction of Sun and Moon’s new Alola Form takes things to a whole new level.

Meet Sun and Moon’s version of Exeggutor, which turns the critter into a full-on palm tree:

Strangely, the Alola version of Exeggutor is a dragon type with an incredibly long neck, which allows it to tower over, well, everything. It’s the sort of ridiculous design that makes it clear that Game Freak is having a lot of fun coming up with new stuff, hence why Sun and Moon also has a Lei monster.

Judging from the reactions online, the new Exeggutor is a big hit. Players either love the Alola version of Exeggutor, or they’re making fun of it left and right. Some are even photoshopping/illustrating other things to have long necks like Exeggutor too.

Here are some of the best reactions to Exeggutor online: