Pokémon Fans Are Losing Their Minds At The End Of The New Movie

There is a weird thing about the new Pokémon movie that is kind of a spoiler, so if you’re sensitive to that stuff, look away. If you’re not, here is a room full of adults losing their shit over what happens at the end of the newest movie in the series, I Choose You!


As we told you back in July, Pikachu doesn’t just say “Pikachu” a lot in this movie. He can talk. Which is clearly news to a lot of people seeing the movie for the first time, going by these reactions:

Here’s a longer version including the scenes that follow:

Yes, it is extremely fucking weird.

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This flies in the face of everything established in Pokemon. Learning to speak is definitely possible, but it usually takes a very long time (the Maiden’s Peak Gastly had plenty of time to learn to speak) and at a great cost (Meowth never learned the iconic Meowth attack Pay Day because he learned to speak). The only exceptions to this rule are legendaries and Ghost and Psychic types, and the occasional extra special one, like Santa Claus’ Lapras (it’s neither a ghost nor psychic type, but it works with Santa Claus so I can use my suspension of disbelief that he taught it to taught, just like how he taught his Ponyta to fly).

I can accept a lot of things in the Pokemon world, so long as they are consistent with the logic of the game/show. This is not consistent with anything.