Pokemon Could Have Been Muscular Monsters

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When cutesy monster series Pokémon was being prepped for the Western market, localizers told Nintendo this: No way will adorable monsters be accepted by Americans.


In a recent interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reveals, "We were sent a proposal of muscle-bound characters to use if we wanted to do well in the U.S." Nintendo didn't sign off on the beefed-up Pocket Monsters.

The-then-Nintendo-honcho Hiroshi Yamauchi viewed releasing the cute monsters in the States as a worthy challenge. The fact that these characters were different could be appealing to Western gamers.

Pokémon went on to be a hugely successful franchise in America, causing a national craze at one point. It's a shame Western gamers will never get to play titles like Pokémon: Muscle or its inevitable corresponding title Pokémon: Flab.

岩田聡・任天堂社長—日本人が面白いと思うものは世界で見ても「面白い」! [Toyokeizai via はちま起稿] [Pic]


Komrade Kayce

I believe this.

In fact, when Pokemon was first hitting shelves and Tamagotchis and virtual pets were all the craze (man I miss my Digimon), there were these Muscle Men virtual pets that you could 'raise' and then get to battle each other. Got no name or references on me, just memories.

I guess its pretty safe to say that one of these ideas was good, and one was pretty fail.