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Pokémon Center Reviews For Giant Farfetch'd Leek Are A Must-Read

Real people bought this Pokémon plush, god bless them

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A giant Farfetch'd leek plushie for sale at The Pokemon Center.
Screenshot: The Pokémon Company

What does one do, exactly, with a 39-inch recreation of a fictional vegetable hailing from monster-collecting series Pokémon? While I am sad to hear about your lack of imagination, the good news is that a number of people have indeed bought this delightful item. Even better, they’ve written commentary on what life is like when you have a giant long onion at your disposal.

Farfetch’d, for those who don’t know, is a Normal-type bird that appears in the original Gameboy Pokémon games. More recently, developers Game Freak brought the brown avian back and redesigned it, creating a more stern-looking variant called Galarian Farfetch’d. The leek above is a recreation of what Galarian Farfetch’d uses in battle.


It’s hard to surmise just how many people felt the need to bring a three-foot leek toy into their lives, but the “customer reviews” tab on its store page contains 28 individual posts. The leek has 5 stars, the internet says, and rightly so. Reviews often mention the plush size and quality as highlights, but things get particularly funny as you scroll through the testimonies. The very first verified buyer sets the tone:

why did i buy a 40 inch leek?

never thought i’d buy a 40 inch giant leek plush, but here we are.

good quality, it is soft and its so big u can use it as a pillow. 10/10

A couple of reviews mention the pillow’s propensity for bonk, along with more admissions that it is a little weird to spend $35 on a stuffed leek. And apparently at least one grandma got this for her grandson. My favorite reviews, however, describe how the plush empowered them in some way:

it screams “Come On” and just bring it to anyone who dares oppose you.

About to take over the moon with an iron fist with this thing in my hand.

love this leek

an excellent leek, that makes you feel strong and confident when you hold it. also very soft and fun to hug


Hell yeah. These are convincing enough that I truly do believe it when one review proclaims, “I personally don’t regret buying this.”

“Bought again and will buy another,” another review promises. Think about that. Someone out there owns not one but two big-ass leeks. They are $70 poorer, sure, but that person absolutely living their best life.