An All-New Pokémon Series Is Coming

But what about these Ash and Pikachu special farewell episodes?

If you’re not looking to catch up on everything or go watch old episodes, you’re probably here to find out where you can watch the 11 episodes that will show Ash and Pikachu running into old friends as the show gives them a proper goodbye. The first of these episodes will air next week in Japan on January 13. I imagine a lot of people who bounced off the show over the years are going to want to watch these episodes, but do keep in mind that it will be some time before they’re available in English.


Unfortunately, Pokémon doesn’t have any official simulcast, so there’s no legal option at the moment. The Netflix rollout is over 30 episodes behind the Japanese weekly episodes right now, with each quarterly Netflix release consisting of around 12 episodes each, so these specials will likely not be made available in English until later this year. On the plus side, this means that if you wanted to take on the gigantamax task of rewatching all of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures before these episodes are made available, you’ve probably got time.