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The current Pokémon TV anime series is ending. In the most recent episode, there might have been kissing. This, however, would not be the first time Ash has been smooched.

As Kotaku previously pointed out, in Pokémon XYZ, Serena’s crush on Ash is canon. She, however, won’t be going to Alola for the Sun and Moon anime, which will feature a far goofier Ash than his current incarnation. Maybe her decision is for the best, then.

Here’s what happened last night:

So, did she actually kiss him?

[Image: TV Tokyo via Anicobin]
[Image: TV Tokyo via Anicobin]
[Image: TV Tokyo via Anicobin]

If she did, it happened off camera, but the other characters certainly seem to indicate they just saw kissy face.

This is kind of a big deal, no?

And the inevitable reaction:

If Serena did kiss Ash, it was not his first. In Pokémon Movie 2000, Melody gave Ash a “traditional greeting kiss,” causing Misty to get all jealous.

[Image via jose paredes]

See? So jealous.

[Image via jose paredes]

At the end of 2002's Pokémon Heroes, a girl gives Ash a peck on the cheek.

That one actually got a close-up.

[Image via Chile Comparte]

What makes this one interesting, is that we are unsure who gave Ash the kiss. It could’ve been Latias as Bianca or actually Bianca (read evidence for each theory here).


This will probably be all the Pokémon kissing for a while, because next month, the new anime kicks off with this Ash:

[Image: TV Tokyo via PK-MN]


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