Pokémon Air Is A Rubber Pikachu Folks Can Ride

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This isn’t a video game, but rather, a rideable rubber Pikachu toy. Say hello to Pokémon Air.

According to the official site, while Pokémon Air is listed as age three and up, it claims that even adults can ride the rubber Pikachu. Pokémon Air can hold up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds), so not all adults, but it does come with a six-month warranty!


For grown-ups who for some reason might not want to ride a rubbery mouse, Pokémon Air can be used as a pillow or an armrest of sorts.

This reminds me of Rody, the Italian rubbery pony toy that has since become an iconic plaything in Japan. Like Rody, the main purpose of Pokémon Air, it seems, is to help small children maintain their balance. Then, I guess, allow some adults the chance to ride a Pikachu?


Priced at ¥7,500 yen ($71), pre-orders begin in Japan on October 1. No word yet on an international release.

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Someone is going to mod a flesh light into it I guarantee it.