Come on, Poison! We were keeping things heroic, and dignified, and then you had to go and do that thing you do.

(But seriously, if you're going to cosplay as Capcom's brawler, that's the best way to do it).

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | Cosplayer: ver1sa | Photographer: EnvytheOne


METAL GEAR RISING | Cosplayer: keruuu | Photographer: vaxzone

FINAL FIGHT | Cosplayer: Nebulaben | Photographer: Jesus Clares


MASS EFFECT | Cosplayer: DawnArts | Photographer: Hidrico

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | Cosplayer: WiseKumagoro


STAR WARS | Costume: Basemental-Props

WONDER WOMAN | Cosplayer: Kamui | Photographer: Darshelle Stevens