Pogo Gives Away Billions

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Electronic Arts is giving away 200 billion tokens to their Pogo players this month. That works out to about 12,600 tokens to each player to use toward virtual clothes and goodies for their avatars.

"We've received hundreds of stories from players that tell us Pogo.com has been a cost effective way for them to escape from their day, have fun and connect with friends and family", said Pogo Community Manager Tahd Frentzel. "From a mom cutting down on long distance calls by chatting and playing with her military daughter stationed in Germany to couples having "date night" online while one is traveling on business, we are so proud to provide a fun and familiar place for people to stay close to those they love."

Pogo introduced Pogo Minis avatars to the Club Pogo audience in 2005, and has since extended the online avatars to its free gaming site to allow even more people to express themselves while playing casual games. Free registration on Pogo.com is required and the deal ends on April 30.


"In these tough economic times, we want to give players a place to escape and relax at home without breaking their budget," said Michael Marchetti, Pogo.com General Manager. "Pogo.com provides a great value by providing players a vehicle to play countless hours on games they love while connecting with friends and family — for free."


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Brandon 'Bob' Baker

Monopoly hosted their Semi-Finals on the online version of the game at [Pogo.com] a few weeks back. Luckily I made it to the finals, so I'm kind of a fan of the site now. It provides good practice time because you get to play against actual people. If you have a Club Pogo account, it's even better because you know that those people take the game a little more seriously since they PAID for the account and all.