Podcast: Why XCOM 2 Is Better Than Its Predecessor

Illustration for article titled Podcast: Why iXCOM 2 /iIs Better Than Its Predecessor

Just what makes XCOM 2 so good? How does the branching work in Fire Emblem Fates? And is Valve even working on Half-Life 3? Those questions and much more, today on Kotaku Splitscreen.


On this week’s episode of Kotaku’s premiere podcast, Nathan Grayson joins me and Kirk to talk Dying Light, XCOM 2, and Fire Emblem Fates. Nathan also reveals his favorite JRPG—Legend of Legaia!—and we introduce a new feature, the Hot Take Corner. Our first take: Half-Life 3 doesn’t exist.

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Can I get a TLDR of why you guys think XCOM 2 is better than the first? I’m curious, because from what I’ve seen it seems to be not nearly as good as the first thanks to its weird emphasis on the whole guerrilla warfare thing.