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Podcast: There Are Too Many Video Games

Illustration for article titled Podcast: There Are Too Many Video Games

After a weeklong Thanksgiving break, Kotaku Splitscreen is back to talk about one of the fundamental problems of our day: There are too many video games.


In this extra-packed episode of the podcast, Kirk and I talk about all the games we’ve been playing: Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more. We also discuss some of the silly categories and nominations from last night’s Game Awards. Also! The problem with reviewing games, virtual reality, FFXV, season passes, games we’re anticipating, and much much more.

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There really IS too many games... My Steam list is at 300 and I’ve played maybe a quarter of it... less more likely.

I seriously need to stop reading Kotaku and being aware of every new release and just fucking finish what I already have.