Podcast: The Best Animes

Shot from Your Name

From Kids on the Slope to Your Name, we’re talking about the best animez on today’s Kotaku Splitscreen. Also: Overwatch, ARMS, and why the Final Fantasy VII remake will never come out.

Kirk and I start the show with some gambling and wedding talk before we jump into ARMS (11:54) and Star Trek Bridge Crew (19:21). Then we talk about “service games” (22:53), the Final Fantasy VII remake changing developers (29:34), and Far Cry 5 hot takes (35:45). Kotaku staff writer Cecilia D’Anastasio joins the show (43:08) to talk about Overwatch, reporting, and her favorite animes. Then we cap things off with listener questions (1:11:05) on E3 Judge’s week and free video game updates.

You can get the MP3 right here.

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