Podcast: Telltale, PS4 Cross-Play, And The Nintendo Fandom

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We covered a lot of ground on this week’s Kotaku Splitscreen, from studio closures to cross-console play to laughably large mousepads.


Jason Schreier is off for one more week, so my Kotaku colleague Maddy Myers once again filled in for him. We spent the first part of the show talking about what the Telltale games shutdown means for the games industry and the push for unionization among some developers, then discussed Sony finally allowing PS4 cross-play, the Tomb Raider fan who found an unusual post-credits scene in an unpatched copy of the new game, and some reasons why the always delightful Nintendo fandom works the way they do. We closed out with some off-topic TV, podcast, and music recommendations. Download an MP3, or listen below:

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I’m in the same spot Kirk is in that Destiny has finally become just too much to keep up with, and I feel it’s only going to get worse across gaming as a whole. “Games as Service” demands your time. All of it. It demands that this one game is your ‘Forever Game’ and if you ever stray from it to play something else, you will be left behind probably permanently.

We still have Red Dead, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s constant event/online stuff, Anthem, Division 2, any and all of the Destiny stuff coming down the road... there’s literally not enough time in the world to do this in any way that allows you to stay relevant. If I were to take a break from Destiny 2 for a couole months or so, I would have to quit because there would be no catching back up. Sure, you could just say “well don’t buy those games” and while I agree with that would solve the time problem, it doesn’t solve the “I want to play these things because I like them but I despise how they want to become my second job”.

Monster Hunter has a Halloween event. I still need to do that, but Destiny’s milestones now reset like twice a week or more, and if you want to see the raid, you need to grind them all out for your gear. Don’t miss the crossover event in Final Fantasy XV though, and be sure you still make your Realm Reborn raids while also squeezing in some of that sweet double XP weekend in that other FPS you like.

I love this hobby but man, sometimes video games are the fucking worst.

PS Congrats on the live concert!!! *^_^*