Podcast: Hunting Robot Dinosaurs In Horizon: Zero Dawn

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This week on Kotaku Splitscreen we’re talking about robot velociraptors, bows and arrows, and a bunch of other things related to the upcoming PS4 game Horizon: Zero Dawn.


First Jason and I discuss the news of the week, then we’re joined by our colleague Patricia Hernandez to talk about Horizon, which she reviewed and all three of us like. (No story spoilers, don’t worry.) We also talk about the deceitful card game Secret Hitler, Roombas, and just a bit about the Nintendo Switch.

You can listen to this week’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or directly here. (MP3 download here.) As always, you can reach us at splitscreen@kotaku.com.


Programming note: Next week Jason and I will be doing a series of special episodes from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We’ll be joined by a killer lineup of special guests from the world of game development. It’s gonna be a good time, so stay tuned.

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I cannot wait for next Tuesday. I’m amazed at what geurrilla can pull off when the reigns are loosened. I need this game in my life.