Podcast: How Do We Keep Up With All These Game Updates?

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This week on Kotaku Splitscreen I’m joined by boss man Stephen Totilo to talk about No Man’s Sky, Metroid Amiibo, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and more.


Jason’s out this week so Stephen steps in to sub. We talk a bit about Kotaku’s expanding video team before moving on to the news of the week (11:08), including No Man’s Sky’s big 1.3 patch, NIMBYism in GTA Online, and Nintendo’s decision to lock a Metroid difficulty setting behind an Amiibo.

Then I’m joined by with Kotaku Compete reporters Maddy Myers and Eric Van Allen (34:33) to talk about how they’ve been approaching esports coverage over the past six months, Eric’s trip to the Dota 2 International last weekend, Maddy’s case that Mario Kart AI is cheating, and whether PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is esports. (It is.)

Stephen and I wrap up the show (1:10:16) with some discussion of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which I just reviewed, Nioh, and The Division. The article of Gita’s that I mention at the start of the show is this one, and you should really read it because it’s great.

Download an MP3 here, listen below:

Also! A VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER that we’ll be doing our first-ever Kotaku Splitscreen LIVE event at PAX West in Seattle! The show will be on Friday, September 1st at 8:00pm in the PAX Sasquatch Theatre. More details to come as we draw a little closer, but we really hope you’ll come out if you’re gonna be at PAX. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

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TLDR: I get why spoilers in e-Sports have to happen, please stay open to possible solutions, one suggestion for a fix at the end.

Just to respond to something Eric said about e-Sports spoilers. And up front, I know that is difficult. The problem is that your whole audience isn’t from America. I live in South Africa. Some of the international matches were happening in the middle of the night my side. Which means I can only watch them after work the next day. He said “well just don’t go on Compete”, but the problem is Compete gets posted to Kotaku, and there is no way for me to temporarily hide it. So as I go through my way, as is my habit, I check into Kotaku and there it is front page heading, The International spoiled.

Any way, I get it, and I don’t begrudge him, Compete, or Kotaky, for doing it. I understand you have to report what is current. All I ask, and if you could pass this on, is don’t consider it case closed. Please keep yourselves open to possible solutions down the line. I have one idea I’ll post below, but even if that isn’t feasible, just be open to suggestions, maybe someone smart out there has one.

My suggestion: If there was a way to maybe input the URL:
kotaku.com/-compete that way we could avoid it around times we don’t want. And then let the community know. So someone might get an event spoiled, but then the community could chime in, do this next time. So potentially it’s either their last time getting it spoilt, or at least next time they know it’s their own fault.