Podcast: Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best Final Fantasy In Years

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Kirk’s off this week, so today on Kotaku Splitscreen I’m joined by Mike Fahey to talk Final Fantasy XIV, 7th Dragon III Code VFD, and fanservice games. Also: the story of why he wasn’t allowed to go to the Tokyo Game Show.

Originally posted on 7/14/2016.

Seriously, guys, if you’re into JRPGs and have the time/money, Final Fantasy XIV is well worth it. Earlier this week I finished up the last of the post-main story stuff and it gets really, really good. From what I hear, Heavensward’s story is even better, so I’m pretty stoked for that too.


You can listen to today’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or get it directly on Simplecast right here. (MP3 download here.) As always, you can reach us at splitscreen@kotaku.com with all questions, comments, and wonderful anime fan-art.

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I mean, Lightning Returns is 3 years old at this point, so by the definition of “years”.

Anyway, it’s a decent Final Fantasy game held back by everything awful about MMOs.