Podcast: Farewell, Destiny

Screenshot from Datto’s discovery of Outbreak Prime
Screenshot from Datto’s discovery of Outbreak Prime

Destiny YouTuber Datto joins us today for what might be the last-ever Destiny-focused episode of Kotaku Splitscreen. Until Destiny 2, that is.


First we’re talking the week’s news, from Palmer Luckey leaving Oculus (9:39) to Atlus blocking Persona 5 streaming (13:11) and Mass Effect: Andromeda’s big patch plans (17:20), followed by our first Amazing Game Story (29:05). Then, Datto comes on (30:43) to talk Destiny, the mystery of Outbreak Prime, and what it’s like to race to be the first in the world to beat a raid. Finally, Kirk and I talk Persona 5, the most stylish game in years (1:04:53).

You can download an MP3 version of this week’s episode right here.

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Only now just got the chance to listen to the podcast. A couple of my thoughts from the Mass Effect conversation, and I want to couch this as coming from someone who was/is a huge Mass Effect fan (I thought the ME3 controversy was overblown): I think ME: Andromeda is an incredibly flawed game and that all of this “goodwill” that you mention towards Bioware as a result of patching the game is a red herring. After playing about 30 hours, I just do not care at all about any of the characters, or in the case of a few am actively antagonistic towards, and I think the world building is bad in light of BotW and Horizon, or even the previous games in the series. The change in ME 2 and 3 to the defined mission structure and combat areas was a good decision as it allowed things to be more focused and driven, both story wise and in gameplay. There are huge open worlds in Andromeda, but very little to do that amounts to more than “drive around, look at the set pieces, scan this.”Fixing the animations, and to be frank, making more gay options for Male Ryder and making the trans character more nuanced aren’t going to fix any of the game’s underlying problems. I would have been happy with a ME 4 that was essentially a continuation of the gameplay and structure of ME 3; instead we got a game that has potentially retroactively colored my appreciation of the original trilogy. To echo Kirk, the original trilogy was art, Andromeda is a product.